q in what specific ways do you think things would be different if the projects infra structure were built today
March 18, 2021
week 3 a discussion 2 response to classmate and assignment please use this study guide to help you prepare for final exam in wek 4
March 18, 2021

Written Assignment 19594471

There are 4 questions. In a Word Document present each question with your response.  Use at least a 12 point font. Double Spaced is preferred.

Use APA format for references. In text In a reference list at the end of the paper 

Question 1 Pick ONE of the compare/contrast choices (a, b, or c). a.  Compare and contrast these concepts: Team Role Clarity and Role Acceptance b.  Compare and contrast these concepts: Team Cohesion and Collective Efficacy c.  Compare and contrast these concepts: Team Process Goals and Performance Goals Question 2 Which theory/model discussed in the chapter do you consider the best theory or model? Explain the theory/model. Explain your rationale. Include examples.

Question 3 Review the chapter findings and other research and apply sports team cohesion research findings to improving your new department at work.  

Scenario: As the newly assigned supervisor to a new department, what conditions would you set up to improve both task and social cohesion and performance in your department? 

Question 4 Help the Team! Empower Team cohesion and collective self-efficacy!(Note: According to Bandura (1995) self-efficacy theory, there are four sources of self-efficacy, http://reflectd.co/2014/01/20/self-efficacy-beliefs/ (Links to an external site.)).  Imagine you are the sports psychologist assigned to an underachieving basketball team and the coach needs your assistance.  Describe the interventions you would use to improve both team cohesion and collective self-efficacy.  Include your rationale for your proposal.

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