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Written Assignment #1- Ethnography

Written Assignment #1- Ethnography
Instructions: Please read carefully the instructions below.  Submit paper as a word document to the dropbox and be sure to follow the format as stated in the syllabus and under the instructions for written assignments.
Doing Ethnographic Fieldwork Using Participant Observation
For this paper you will be able to experience firsthand the process of “participant observation” in ethnographic research.  Focus on a specific event you taking part in.  You may want to take field notes if possible, but since you will be participating in the event, you may want to record your observations as soon as possible afterward.  Some items to note (but are not limited to):
WHO:  Who is participating?  What are the demographics?  Do people have anything in common?
WHAT:  What different actions are taking place?  What behaviors are being exhibited?  What about language- is there a particular vocabulary for this event or are there other symbols that carry meaning?
LOCATION:  What is the setting?  Describe the environment (sights, sounds, smells).
YOUR PLACE:  How do you fit into the picture?  How do you interact with people, what role do you play in the event?
WHY:  What is the purpose(s) of the actions you are witnessing?  If you are not sure, can you theorize as to why these actions are taking place?  What did you learn about the people involved?
Examples of experiences:
Going to a store, park, play, restaurant, concert, party, museum, nightclub, new class, sporting event, church, library, etc.  Any other type of recent function or place.

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