“Spotlight; New counsel reviews whistleblower
August 22, 2018
How do you think that investigators and therapists, in their quest to find the truth, may have contributed to children making false or exaggerated allegations in these cases?
August 22, 2018

What type of injection would you predict to be more pleasurable for the rat?

Psychology homework help


Assignment 1

Answer the following questions after completeing the Psych Sim titled Your Mind on Drugs:

Alcohol and Barbiturates – How does alcohol change the brain’s functioning?

Mechanisms of Drug Addiction – What leads a person to move from the casual or recreational use of a drug to a state of addiction, in which the person experiences a powerful craving for the drug that begins to dominate his or her life?

Addiction Experiment – What type of injection would you predict to be more pleasurable for the rat? Would the location of the injection make a difference?

Results of Addiction Experiment – What conclusions did you draw from the rat’s behavior?

Understanding and Treating Addiction – Why can some people use a drug in moderation for years, while others move quickly from casual use to a full-blown addiction?

Assignment 2

1. What did Watson’s “Little Albert” experiment show?

2. How do shaping, generalization, and discriminative stimuli influence operant conditioning?

3. What has research shown regarding learning from media?

4. Compare and contrast operant and classical conditioning theories.

5. Be sure to include in paragraph citations and references.

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