Identify the impact culture has on the method Executive Coaches choose to carry out their jobs.
May 8, 2018
Analyse at least three (3) potential market choices for Suu Balm using the market choice matrix.
May 8, 2018

What is being done to address Video Game Addiction problem?

Topic: Video Game Addiction (address from an applied perspective)·

. What is being done to address this problem?

· Is there a consensus about how to improve this problem, or is there a great deal of controversy?

· What solutions have already been tried for this problem?

· How successful have these solutions been?

· What are the barriers to solving this problem?

· What resources are available in YOUR community to deal with this problem?

· Future approaches to the problem

· How will this problem be addressed in the future?

· How successful are these solutions likely to be?

– Five peer-reviewed sources required; must all be published within the last 8 years

– Length required (not including title page and references) 800-1200 words

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