Week4 discussion history
September 13, 2022
Developmental Psych 1-4
September 13, 2022

theories and techniques of counseling.

Write a 5 pages paper on theories and techniques of counseling. It is also known as “talk therapy” because, in it, the psychoanalytic therapists listen to the life events of the patient. Psychoanalytic therapy is time-consuming and costly but provides the patient with a safe environment to share his/her feelings with the psychoanalytic therapist. Psychoanalysis requires meeting the patient at least once a week and its duration ranges from a few weeks to years (Cherry, 2013).

Adlerian therapy considers the birth order, social interests, lifestyle, and concepts of superiority and inferiority as the main components of personality. An individual’s psychological health is depicted by his/her contribution to the development of society. The patient’s mental health is gauged through his/her integration into and promotion of the social context. This may be attributed to the fact that the reduction of mistaken beliefs increases an individual’s social contribution and relieves feelings of superiority or inferiority. False beliefs are eradicated through fostering a better understanding of the family constellations, dreams, and memories of childhood in the patient. Psychotherapists using Adlerian therapy tend to identify and address the incorrect belief patterns of the patients. Techniques used in Adlerian therapy include but are not limited to immediacy, encouragement, acting as if, and the question (Hunter, n.d.). This theory is also based on the work of Sigmund Freud.

Existential psychotherapy is an optimistic approach that takes the human condition seriously. This therapy derives its optimism from the fact that although it embraces the human potential, yet it remains realistic by recognizing the human limitation. Existential therapy has many aspects in common with the relational, humanistic, experiential, and psychodynamic approaches to psychotherapy. It is a philosophical therapeutic method that functions on the belief that an individual’s inner conflict exists because of his/her confrontation with the existence’s givens that include meaninglessness, the inevitability of death, existential isolation, and freedom and the responsibility that attends it. These givens are also known as the ultimate concerns. These four givens compose such a framework that enables a therapist to conceptualize the problem of the patient with a view to developing a method for treatment. The British School of Existential therapy sees these givens as predictable tensions (Cooper, 2003).


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