Hurst and scherzer counterargument activity
November 26, 2021
writing a report 13
November 26, 2021

Step Two: Create a Counterargument&nbsp

Create a counterargument to the original argument.Present premises that support your own position while also pointing out the weaknesses inherent in the original argument. Avoid the use of fallacious reasoning and anecdotal evidence.If you are using inductive arguments, make sure that they are strong. If you are using deductive arguments, make sure that they are valid and attempt to provide sound premises.Use factual evidence and/or logical support from at least three scholarly sources to support your argument.This might require you to play “devil’s advocate.” Remember that you do not need to agree with the position for which you argue. You may need to take on an opposing position to your own personal view and argue from that position. Critical thinkers are able to take on opposing perspectives and identify the strongest arguments from those perspectives.


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