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December 22, 2021
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December 22, 2021


Question one (Up to 50% Marks): (1250 words +/- 10 %) Explain how Crown Abdallah should manage his oil policy, and discuss how in 2002, Saudi Arabia faced several challenges of foreign policy.

Question 2 (Up to 50 % Marks): (1250 words +/- 10 %)

Explain how should the Crown Prince position his country, viz a viz the Unites States, Israel and Palestine, and the Gulf Cooperation Council, and discuss how Saudi regime can face of economic stability.

for guidance please refer to B716 II 02 Spring File

* previous questions answer are attached.

* the case study is attached.


1. Kindly use standard English language level.

2. Each paragraph should be supported by accessible reference. ( Please provide direct links to the references)

3. Answer should focus in more critical analysis supported by reference. and less theories

Thank you!


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