explain politics george orwells animal farm
September 19, 2021
can you please help me write a research paper on why project management please use the 4 papers attached below 1
September 19, 2021

retail marketing manager decision making

Assume you are the owner/buyer of a new (opening this fall) small men’s athletic, work-out and athleisure apparel (not footwear, just clothing) shop at “The Street” on Route 9 in Chestnut Hill MA. Your are deciding on whether to buy a new local designer’s merchandise or Under Armour (UA). Both brands still have product available for your October opening date. The designer’s product costs more and has fresh, unique versions of the basics being sold by Nike, UA, Adidas, Puma and others. You have already bought a few smaller product lines and Adidas at trade shows. You only have the space and the money to buy one of these two. Pick one (explain why) and explain what you would be asking from them and negotiating for when working with them and putting together a purchase order. Discuss how you would approach the selection of merchandise from their product line (i.e variety, assortment, fashion, basics, etc. all of which are reviewed in the two chapters) and what you would negotiate for. Are there deal makers and deal breakers in your negotiating tactics? Explain how competition at the Street and your target customer (tell me who they are) factor into your negotiation strategy. Approach this as if you are the buyer and consider what you would do to insure the success of your new shop.

You do not have near the information normally available to negotiate and make a deal. Fill in what’s missing by making assumptions wherever needed. Inform me of what you did assume or create about the store or the local designer brand. You can learn all that is needed about UA and “The Street” thru research, and everything you need to know about buying merchandise and negotiating purchases is in Chapters 11 and 12. This is one printed page MAX. I suggest bullet point format, but that is not required


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