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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

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This would fall under the FIFO (First In, First Out). It is a single system which can have multiple different services. A lot of times for barbershops people just walk in and wait for the next open chair and it goes in the order that you go in.

Car Wash

I would also classify this as the FIFO. When you go to a car wash it is whoever gets there first and you wait your turn. It has a multisystem because you start at one station then move to the next until it has gone through all the different stations.


This is a multichannel and multiphase system. Because you have to first put it in the washer then the dryer, you can not just complete it from one step everything must be completed. But the washer usually takes about the same time and the dryer usually takes about the same time every time it is done.

Small Grocery Store

Single channel system because there is most likely not many employee’s there (maybe only 1) to help the customers. Everything is then taken out to the checkout line and everyone has to wait there turn in the order they got in line.


Barbershop: Single-Channel, Single-Phase

First come, first served. In most of barbershops, I have been in there are a few barbers and there is a side that has an area with chairs to wait. Some people do have a particular barber they want to cut their hair and that breaks the assumption of First come, first served.

Car Wash: Single-Channel, Multiphase

The particular car wash I go to has one main entrance. Three paying stations. Then after the trip in the car wash itself which is based on who paid the quickest, there are 25 vacuuming stations. One does not have to end at the vacuuming station and can leave right from the washing station.

Laundromat: Multichannel, Multiphase

At the laundromat I used to go to in Ridge Manor, there were multiple different stations for washing, drying, ironing table, and folding. One can come and use all stations or just one when there.

Small grocery store: Multichannel, Single-Phase

I frequent a small grocery store in Inverness. There is one checkout counter and when you are ready to check out the cashier and normally only employee comes and checks you out or answers any questions from his station.


Human nature by definition is the “the fundamental dispositions and traits of humans” (“Definition Of HUMAN NATURE”). It is how the general population acts, feels, and thinks. People fear what we don’t understand or what is considered not natural. In the book, Gregor’s family fears his metamorphosis because they just want him to be normal and to go back to the way he was. Kafka’s message about human nature in the story is the fact that society can’t get over things that are different. At first glance, the family seemed caring to Gregor’s condition, but in the end hated what he had morphed into. His sister that was taking care of him stopped believing that he could even be human. She states, “We have to try and get rid of it” (Kafka), it being the bug that is no longer her brother. She sees Gregor as a burden now that he isn’t matching up to society standards. Another example of the fact that humans can’t get over things that are different is the scene that Kafka creates during the beginning of the story where Gregor’s boss runs out of the home before fully understanding what has happened.


In Franz Kafka’s The Meatmorphosis and Other Stories, his message about human nature is that like Gregor Samsa, no matter how much you sacrifice for others human nature can be cruel and confusing. Gregor Samsa has commited himself to taking care of his family after his father’s failing business, becoming a workaholic and never missing a day or even getting sick. For example, “the chief clerk now called in a louder voice, “what’s going on? You’re barricading yourself in your room, giving just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers, causing your parents big, needless worries and — to mention this just incidentally — neglecting your business duties in a truly unheard-of fashion.” Gregor’s Boss sends the Chief Clerk to ask for a reason why Gregor is late, thinking the worst of him and assuming Gregor is skipping work. Gregor’s Boss and Chief Clerk show a lack of kindness and consideration for Gregor’s well being. Gregor’s sister is the only one who shows any concern for Gregor in the beginning but by the end she has none, and stops feeding her brother food that he can actually eat. This shows the family trying to distance themselves from Gregor as he has put them in a position that makes it difficult for them to move homes, or even live their lives freely. The family unknowingly takes this frustration out on Gregor as they stop feeding him the food he needs, and this illustrates how human nature is difficult to understand and can be very harsh.


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