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September 2, 2021
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September 2, 2021

Research and Counseling Services

It is important that the approaches used by counselors and the counseling programs implemented in schools and agencies are effective for the clients and students who will be receiving these services. Counselors in the field often conduct research to test the effectiveness of their services. Consider one of the following questions that a counselor working in a school or agency may want to explore:Does completion of eight group counseling sessions help to decrease levels of social anxiety (or other symptoms or issues)?How do students or clients describe the experience of the counseling they have received and its impact on them?What is the effect of short-term counseling (6–8 sessions) for couples who report significant levels of relationship discord?What is the effect of counseling for adolescents who report serious issues with substance abuse?What impact does attending a 2-hour information workshop have on clients or students who are engaged in career counseling?

In your post, specify which of the questions above you are considering, and respond to the following:What legal or ethical issues would you consider as you select participants, if you were granted permission to answer one of these questions through a structured study at your school or agency?How would you address issues of informed consent and confidentiality for participants in the study? Cite specific areas of the ACA 2014 Code of Ethics and other ethical guidelines to support your decisions.


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