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February 17, 2018
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February 24, 2018

Report Writing

One of the major tasks that private investigators will need to perform in their job is that of writing a report.
This can be a critical item and something that is surely needed to be done the correct way in order for a case to be successful. Depending on the type of investigation there may be different components of a report that would need to be considered buy an investigator; however, it is crucial that all the necessary components that areneeded for specific incident are included as need be. Wherever a private security firm’s management can assist in creating guidelines for investigators to follow when constructing a report, this will always serve the investigator and the firm well.
In this assignment, research a solved case/incident where you believe a report may have been written. Based on what you’ve learned in the content this week, along with outside research, write a sample report that you believe would be applicable for this case/incident. Be sure to include the relevant components of a report.
Please note: if you need to make assumptions in your report based on a lack of information/data in the case/incident, please make the Instructor aware by noting such.

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