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March 18, 2021
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March 18, 2021

psyc criminology paper

Five Page Field Assignment Report (30 points):

• The objective of this assignment is to get you to interact with the real world of criminal justice and apply theoretical materials from the class to what you observe

• Pick any project involving your observation or interaction with some aspect of the criminal justice system

• Suggested Projects:

â–ª Observations of court proceedings

â–ª Conduct an in-depth interview with someone incarcerated in prison or jail and apply a theory to explain their views on criminal behavior

â–ª Conduct an in-depth interview with someone working in the legal system (defense attorney, prosecutor, paralegal, law enforcement officer, parole officer, correctional officer, judge, etc.) about their views on criminal behavior

▪ Ride along with a law enforcement officer and discuss with them their views of criminal behavior ▪ Other field assignment of your choice (with approval from the instructor) •

• I will not accept emailed papers under any circumstances

• Field Assignment Paper Requirements:-

5 pages

â–ª Size-12 font

â–ª Page-numbered 4

â–ª Double spaced

â–ª One inch margins

â–ª Consistent citation format throughout (such as APA)

â–ª Separate references page at the end


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