Discuss Seismic Hydrocarbon Exploration. With the continued depletion of the reservoirs, the petroleum industry explores even deeper and in even more challenging environments using three common methods of exploration of hydrocarbons which include geological, geophysical and drilling methods.
September 16, 2022
This findings section of the paper should present, analyze and discuss the data
September 16, 2022


Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Purposal. I am an international and have a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science but for my masters I pursued a degree in HR from the US. Leadership and having an integral understanding of the diverse needs of individuals is a primary requirement for a pharmacist. Hence my work wasn’t just dispensing drugs prescribed by physicians, along with informing patients about its usage and side effects but also to understand their lifestyle, eating habits and work background thoroughly in order to inform them better. However as my experience in the health care profession grew I came to the realization that there was a significant lack of the application of leadership thinking and development of employee skill. This aspect combined with my thirst for learning new principles and theories which would be applicable to my organization and update my knowledge in leadership. Based on these goals to enhance my leadership skills I have chosen to do a master program in HR and Change Leadership as a strategic move which would allow me to improve the health service and explore ways that would aid health care employees perform superiorly. How this leadership doctoral program helps to meet my needs is in the way it’s not just a distinctive degree program but also it focuses on the application of theory to real life situations. This would facilitate my leadership and educational goals in the way I can tackle various challenges at work with solutions based on an understanding of leadership and organizational theory. Furthermore the course fulfills my need in the way it enables me to maintain a reasonable work-life balance and thoroughly examine various aspects of the healthcare industry and how leadership can be used as a strategic tool to bring about accelerated social, cultural, administrative and technological change in the field.



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