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April 8, 2021
MHS 502 Case#1 Cultural Diversity of Health science
April 8, 2021

Project Module Create Your Own Mlm


Part I

Write about your own experience with MLMs. Are you participating in one currently? Have you in the past? What was that like–what were the positives and negatives? Do you have friends or relatives in MLMs? What strikes as the hallmarks of this kind of business? What concerns does it give you? What is the potential and what are the possibilities an MLM can offer? Which ones work better than others for both buyers and sellers? What kinds of MLMs are worth it? Any? What are the connotations or associations you tie to MLMs?

Part II

Okay, now’s your chance to make your own Multi-Level Marketing Sche–I mean, Business. Again, be creative with this, and write what you want. However, make sure to cover these items, at least: Type of MLM Structure of the business Customer base Products sold (if any) Services sold (if any) Price of entry Return on investment Rate of growth Future scale and potential Marketing Marks

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