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February 17, 2018
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February 24, 2018

Project 1: Special Needs Registry

Project 1: Special Needs Registry
Many states and communities have a special needs registry that identifies individuals who may need special assistance during an emergency. Research a registry in a locale near you (San Diego, California) and identify the strengths and limitations of their registry along with how well you feel it is marketed.
Write an APA formatted paper of 1 page in length, excluding the title and reference pages.  Address the following situation.
Make sure to cite any resources used in your work.
Structure: Written work is clear and excellent college-level work; Paragraphing and transitions are clear and appropriate; appropriate guidelines outlined for paper were met.
Content- The length of the written work provides in-depth coverage of the topics, assertions are clearly supported by evidence; Paper meets required length of pages and content areas; 3 or more scholarly journals were used.
Mechanics- Written work has no major errors in word selection and use; sentence structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation was appropriate; APA style was acceptable with no errors or minor errors.

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