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March 18, 2021
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March 18, 2021

please reply to these 3 response with 3 to 4 complete sentences

Please reply to these 3 response with 3 to 4 complete sentences

**(Discuss the story or stories that you found most striking/ interesting/ enjoyable/disturbing. What about this story or stories stood out to you? What did you learn from it/them? In Mythos Book (The rest of part two) page 300 to end)**

Please reply to these 3 response with 3 to 4 complete sentences

1- This week I found one story most striking. The story about Narcissus is the one I am going to speak about in this weeks discussion. I found the story about Narcissus very striking because he fell in love with himself even though he was blind. Everyone else admired him but this just goes to show that gods are very self centered and barely think or care about others. Narcissus let everyones admiring go to his head, in which then he was so inlove with himself when he saw his reflection in the water, this story is about unrequited love and self-obsession.

2- The most interesting story to me in this section was that of Echo and Narcissus. I was already familiar with Narcissus’ story, but I was less familiar with Echo and her entanglement with Narcissus. I find both of them a little pitiable–Narcissus seems completely unaware that he has fallen in love with his own reflection, and given how quickly Echo falls for him, I can see how he’d be entranced. Everyone he’s ever met has been entranced! If he has no idea what he looks like, or that he’s seeing himself, why would he not be entranced? Echo is pitiable because her punishment does not seem to fit her crime. Cheating is bad, and being a mistress is bad, and I think these are things we can agree on, but Zeus sleeps with everyone, and yet Hera always punishes the woman. It seems unfair, and more unfair still to give her a punishment that persists past her loss of body. Similarly, Tiresias gets a raw deal, too. While I can understand why a goddess would punish someone for watching her bathe, making a young boy turn into a girl not only as punishment, but punishment for doing dumb kid stuff, seems extreme. Worse still is punishing someone in a unique position of expertise for answering a question opposite of your expectations! Hera’s nuts.

3- My favorite story for week 7 was Phrygia and the gordian knot. This story is my favorite because growing up my mother always use to say it was good luck to see an eagle souring above you and in this story Gordias has an encounter with an eagle who brings him a great deal of love. When the story begins Gordias is a poor but ambitious peasant and when the story ends he is married to a beautiful women and becomes king of Phrygia. I also found this story interesting because it brings up the thought anyone can make it or accomplish big dreams. Gordias started from nothing but with hard work and good fortune he became a king. This hits home for me because i am trying to make something more of my life and fullfill dreams. Lastly my favorite part about this story and what I learned was not all Greek Mythology stories end in death and some stories truly do have happy endings like it did for Gordias.


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