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November 7, 2021
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November 7, 2021

Phet rutherford scattering answer guide


NSET 110


Rutherford Scattering—Building the Model of the Atom




Name: ______________________________________


Step 1: Click the RUN NOW button to load the simulation.


Step 2: Before you TURN ON the GUN, make sure the following are selected:


1-The tab at the top that is selected is the RUTHERFORD MODEL


2-Alpha Particle Properties:



                                3-Atomic Properties:



Step 3: TURN ON the GUN by clicking on it and observe what happens when the alpha particles are fired at the atom’s nucleus. Answer the following questions below:


                1. What atom is being represented? __________________


                2. What is happening to the majority of the alpha particles?




                3. What do you think is the charge of an alpha particle from this experiment?




                4. What did Rutherford prove about the atom from this experiment?












Step 4: Now, change the following:


1-Select the tab at the top for PLUM PUDDING


2- Keep the ENERGY the same


3-Keep SHOW TRACES checked


Step 5: Turn on the gun again by clicking on it, observe what happens for a few minutes, and answer the following questions below:


                5. What atom is being tested using the Plum Pudding model? _____________________


                6. What is happening to the alpha particles?






                7. Did you expect this to happen knowing what JJ Thomson’s Plum Pudding model looks like?    Explain.








                8. How is this result different from the result shown with Rutherford’s Nuclear model?








                9. Which model is closer to the version of today’s modern model of the atom? Why?






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