Homer Assignment II
December 21, 2022
Standard probation for juvenile offenders.
December 21, 2022

Nursing theory

Borderline Case: Ethics of Patient CareFor this discussion, you will be applying defining attributes to an actual patient case. Please listen to the NPR podcast, ?If You Have Dementia, Can You Hasten Death As You Wished?? Additionally, review Wilkinson?s defining attributes (found in the Wilkinson (1997) reading in the Learning Materials section). See attachments.https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2015/02/10/382725729/if-you-have-dementia-can-you-hasten-death-as-you-wishedPlease respond to the following prompts:1. Review Wilkinson?s (1997) defining attributes and describe how the NPR podcast, ?If You Have Dementia, Can you Hasten Death As You Wished?? case story meets the definition of a borderline case.2. Describe the ethical issues the case raises.3. If it were changed to meet criteria for a model case, what ethical issues would come to the forefront?Your post should contain two to three (2?3) paragraphs with three to four (3?4) sentences per paragraph. The post should integrate a minimum of three readings and/or other evidence-based research articles no more than three years old and use APA formatting for citations and references.TURNITIN ASSIGNMENT


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