November 27, 2021
(2) What is Drunkman’s population?
November 27, 2021

Module/week 6 discussion: the politics of budget implementation | PADM 600 – Politics & Policy of Public Sector Budgeting | Liberty University


Topic: The Politics of Budget Implementation

After public budgets have been created and passed, they must be implemented. This implementation phase often creates a tension between the executive and legislative branches of government and opportunities for political influence in the final result of a budget. For this discussion, explain political interests that may seek to alter a budget during the implementation stage, methods that may be used to alter a public budget or it’s effects, and the balance between fidelity and flexibility that may be necessary to address changing circumstances. 


Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to: 

  • Analyze aspects of budget implementation.
  • Evaluate political influences that affects budget implementation or policy outcomes through budget implementation.
  • Evaluate competing interests that arise in the budget implementation stage.

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