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February 17, 2021
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February 17, 2021

Marketing homework help

  • 30% – Final Analysis Paper (25%) and Presentation (5%). Each student will choose a company to study, analyze and report on a follows:
    • Choose two companies in the same industry and compare their operations strategies. Pick one primary company, and use the second company for comparison purposes.  Assess the primary company’s operations strategy using the concepts discussed throughout the semester, using the format reviewed in week 1 for analyzing case studies/companies.  Give your opinions on the relative competitive strategy of each company going forward, and the role that operations play in each company’s competitive strengths and weaknesses.
    • The 2 companies must be posted to NYU classes by 3pm on session 2 for approval/rejection by the professor (feedback provided within 48 hours). Students may not select the same companies to work on.
    • Develop a paper of no more than 15 double-spaced text pages, with a maximum of an additional 10 pages of exhibits. Exceeding these pages limits will hurt your grade.  Exhibits that are not annotated, or do not clearly illustrate a key point in the paper may hurt your grade.
    • The individual final presentation must not be more than 15 minutes including Q&A/discussion with the class. (This may be extended depending on the number of students in class).
    • The paper (in DOC format) and presentation file (in PPT format) files must be submitted via NYU Classes by 3pm on session 13; papers and/or presentations submitted via email and/or different formats will not be accepted.
    • Be analytical and not just descriptive. Be as objective as possible
    • Gather secondary research on the company, through SEC documents, online news archives, company websites, NYU Library, etc. – this is not meant to be a research paper, but if this phase of the project provides useful data on the company’s professed strategy and actual results for customer communications, operations, etc.
    • All exhibits must be annotated, describing specifically what works and what does not work. The paper and presentations files will be run through TurnItIn to ensure original content.
    • Note that the final project should not focus on customer acquisition, direct-response campaigns, marketing strategies, etc. It should focus on overall operations strategy.  Extraneous material not related to the topics of the class will count negatively in the grading of the project.



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