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MA: Letter / Memo / Email (LME) Packet

MA: Letter / Memo / Email (LME) Packet
For this course project, you will write and design business messages in three mainstream communication genres: letter, memorandum, and email formats.  You will compile all the messages together into a single packet, introduced by a cover memo to your instructor.
Your LME Packet, then, will include a total of four documents:

  • One (1) cover memo to your instructor
  • One (1) business letter
  • One (1) business memo
  • One (1) business email

General Document Requirements

The cover memo should identify your particular case based on your major .Discuss your scenario. Decide your position in the business i.e.: President, manager, etc.; rhetorical choices and strategies you employed in composing each message, deviations— i.e.: audience, purpose and context.
The letter is to be based on a complaint you received. Your response should follow a professional business letter format along with the opening paragraph, discussion and backup paragraph or paragraphs, and then a closing paragraph.
The business e-mail should relate to the complaint. Decide on your audience. Have a meeting and include an agenda. Follow proper email format as discussed in our text. Be sure to cc your Human resource manager.
The memo is to be business professional in format. It needs to relate to your particular business. Discuss either, a new procedure, policy, new hire, a promotion, a holiday party or a company event. You decide.
Remember, writing effective business messages require careful consideration of the genre in which the message is delivered.  You may flip flop the email and memo. You decide which genre is best for the audience and the purpose of the message.

Grading Criteria

The following is a list of the criteria categories from which your LME packet will be evaluated:

  • Rhetorical Situation (Audience, Purpose, and Context)
  • Content / Support
  • Organization / Structure
  • Style (Cohesion, Concision, Readability, and Usability)
  • Visual Design / Formatting
  • Grammatical Mechanics

Of course, I will always expect you to strive for excellence in each of these categories throughout this semester and beyond. I also realize, however, that this is your first major assignment and will base my evaluations upon the appropriate level of exposure, knowledge, and experience you have gained in each of the various categories thus far. By the end of the semester, I will likewise expect your performance in these areas to be much more accomplished and proficient.

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