Choose an organisation where it is clear that its espoused values were profoundly disconnected from its enacted values, and this led to a toxic or compromised organisational culture and ultimately, organisational crisis.
March 13, 2019
bilingual children vs English as an additional language(EAL). what is the difference between them and why EAL is mostly used in schools to describe a bilingual child.
March 13, 2019

How to retain expert and efficient employees.

• The following assignment is my capstone course. I have attached the proposal that covers key requirements for this particular paper. You will be writing about key course objectives and chapters from the text book that have been prearranged, they are mentioned in the attached proposal. The course that that you will be writing about is MSA 602 Financial Analysis, Planning and Control. There must be 6 to 10 scholarly references. Reference textbook as well.

Paper Topic: How to retain expert and efficient employees.
(Keep in mind I am an HR Manager at Lowes. When looking at Lowe’s retention rate, I noticed the lack of clarity about promotion potential amongst Customer Service Associates (CSAs) during exit interviews. Nearly 80 percent of associates were unaware of career advancement opportunities. To resolve this problem, I will create a career roadmap presentation that will be presented during orientation. The roadmap will layout career pathways, and the management team will meet quarterly with associates to work on personal career goals after all 4 papers are complete I will use this paper along with the others to assist me with creating a career roadmap.)
You will only be focusing on what’s mentioned in the proposal for this particular paper.
• Papers must include the following:
1. Title Page. The title should be descriptive and suggest the paper’s purpose
2. Table of Contents
3. Contain an introduction, body of paper, and conclusion.
4. Appendices (if applicable):
5. Reference List (every citation, in the Text, must be correctly listed in the Reference List) The References in the back of this Syllabus are in correct A.P.A. Format! There must be 6 to 10 scholarly references per paper.
6. If you have more than one Table, a List of Tables Page follows the Table of Contents
7. If you have more than one Figure, a List of Figures Page follows the Table of Contents or the List of Tables Page (if there is a List of Tables Page).
Students must follow the most recent edition of the A.P.A. Publication Manual, when submitting the papers required for this course.
• Format:
• a. Blank page
• b. Executive Summary
• c. Title Page
• d. Table of Contents
• e. List of Tables (optional)
• f. List of Figures (optional)
• g. The Text
• h. References

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