paper on the topic Death Penalty in the U.S and Other Countries.
September 13, 2022
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September 13, 2022

GSM Phone Security.

Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: GSM Phone Security. The A5/3 is the most recent standard and has proven to better than the previous standards in terms of security but has its loopholes too.

The perceived weakness of the GSM cell phone is basically because of the encryption being deployed by the model. This is a loophole that can be a security threat to the company as the CEO uses the phone for all her conversations as well as email communication. The phone can be hacked into and all the data can be accessed. The loss of data concerning future inventions and innovations that the organization is working on can be quite catastrophic on the organizations future as well as image.

Since the organization is migrating to another communication method, this paper seeks to help the CEO understand the threats that the use of her GSM phone pose as well as the countermeasures. However, these are only temporary solutions to allow for the organization to migrate to another technology within three months without incidences. The paper also includes an action plan for a smooth migration.

Global Communications Enterprises (GCE), might be a small technology company but has a bright and great future ahead. However, this future can prove to be dim if the right steps and paths are not followed. One such path is the communication methods that are employed at the organization. The CEO of GCE uses GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) which is the most popular mobile phone technology being used by the majority of mobile phone users in the whole world.

The CEO uses the GSM phone for all her communication. The emails that she sends to fellow workers, as well as employees, are sent from her GSM phone, these include confidential emails concerning the organizations’ future technology plans. This is her only communication gadget. With the kind of encryption that is employed by the GSM phone, it would be an honest opinion to state that the company is at risk.&nbsp.


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