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September 19, 2021
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September 19, 2021

Final project | Operations Management homework help


In lieu of a written and final examination, the final examination will be in the form of a final PowerPoint project. Each student should identify three publicly-traded corporations while identifying the employee benefits program each corporation offers its members. For each corporation, visit their website, and typically, under the employment links, or why work here section, find their advertised employee benefits. Present a synopsis of each corporation’s benefits package. Then, assuming the pay salary was equal in all three companies, decide and present which company you would prefer to work based on the benefits the company offers. Justify your decision with facts and references.

The final project is worth 140 points, or 20% of the final grade. The 7-10 slide presentation, should include SPEAKER NOTES (aka Presenter Notes), and be supported through academic evidence and example (i.e., references). It is also suggested the PowerPoint presentation contains a standalone cover slide, an agenda slide, the 5-7 content slides with speaker notes), a standalone summary slide, and a reference slide.

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