Describe the ASAM patient placement criteria for the treatment of substance-related disorders
May 8, 2018
Identify components of the grieving model that you think might be difficult to apply to your social work practic
May 8, 2018

Explain your specific target audience (young adults), population and provide statistical evidence of the health need.

Part 1: Brochure (750 words)
Design a 2-page brochure of 750 words.
� The brochure is to be used for your selected health issue (mental health) and selected target group (young adults) within the Australian population as part of a hypothetical holistic health promotion program.
� The brochure is required to utilise health promotion and lifestyle medicine principles as well as one behaviour change model (the transtheoretical model).
� The brochure should focus on promoting and enabling health behaviour change.
� The brochure should refer to the health issue (mental health) and recommend appropriate strategies to consider for health improvement, including where to find more info.
� The brochure must be referenced in APA style with a minimum of 6-8 references, majority being journal articles, not websites.

Part 2: Written Essay (1200 words)
Write a 1200 word paper to justify the following aspects of how you have planned your health promotion brochure.
You must:
� Describe and analyse the health issue from (mental health) your chosen �Australian National Health Priority Area� including the �determinants of health� for this population.
� Explain your specific target audience (young adults), population and provide statistical evidence of the health need.
� Justify how your selected behaviour change model (the transtheoretical model) has been used to guide development of the brochure.
� Justify the use of relevant health promotion strategies used to guide the project (i.e. empowerment, health education, health literacy).
� Justify the use of evidence-based lifestyle medicine recommendations to address this health issue (i.e. diet, activity, best-practice recommendations).
� Analyse how your project enables holistic health promotion to take place (i.e. physical, sociocultural and spiritual care considerations).
� Utilize appropriate scholarly and evidence based literature to justify your discussions.
� Paper should be correctly formatted with an introduction, discussion and conclusion
� Paper must be based on current literature and research (references no more than 8-10 years old)
� Minimum of 10-12 references used � formatted in APA

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