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Economic Issues In Public Health 19850327


Homework 3

Instructions: Please respond to the following essay questions. 

Preferred format: 2-3 paragraphs per question; single-spaced; Oxford comma; font size 10-12 using a single, common typeface (e.g. Gadugi, Arial, or Times New Roman); exhibits (including any tables, graphs, images, and so forth) may be listed in an appendix; references in APA format (American Psychological Association 6th edition). 

1. Why did Congress enact MACRA and what are the two ways a physician can participate in MACRA? (Ch. 10)

2. How well does Medicaid achieve its objectives? (Ch. 9)

3. Describe and evaluate how a rate of return on a medical education would determine the existence of a physician surplus or shortage. (Ch. 11)

4. Medical schools are typically interested in prestige. How would medical school behavior change if schools had to survive in a competitive market (with free entry of new competitors) and without subsidies? (Ch. 12)

5. Why do medical groups occasionally break up? (Ch. 13)

Suggested Reference: Feldstein, P. J. (2018). Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective, Seventh Edition. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

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