statistics 474
March 27, 2021
500 words writing 2
March 27, 2021

easy 1 page 1

Please read the atachment and answer each question. Please write at least 200 words per each case (not 200 words per question of each case), which is supposed to have a minimum of 400 words in total. PLEASE DO NOT COPY SENTENCES OR PHRASES OF SENTENCES DIRECTLY FROM TEXTBOOKS.

Do not use bullet points. Do not use direct quotes.

I will include the readings.

Opening Case: Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria

QUESTION 1: Discuss the opportunities for foreign direct investment in Nigeria. What are the benefits of establishing operations in the country? Do you see any drawbacks?

QUESTION 2: Reflect on the political and economic reforms that have recently gone into effect in Nigeria. Why are reforms like these so important to the future economic success of the country? How does foreign investment into the country benefit Nigeria?

Closing Case: Foreign Retailers in India

QUESTION 1: Why do you think that the Indian retail sector is so fragmented?

QUESTION 2: What are the potential benefits to India of entry by foreign retail establishments?

QUESTION 3: Why do you think reform of FDI regulations in India has been so difficult?


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