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discussion post 425

Part 1: please answer the post with a min of 250 words. Please provide and references.

Since June last year your company has been facing challenges in hiring plant workers at its electronic manufacturing plant in Guangzhou, China due to competitors’ increase in new manufacturing plants in the area. You have been assigned to head the HR department for the plant. Develop an HR plan outline to help address the issue. Provide rationale for your reasoning.

Examine the major benefits that companies experience from leveraging female expatriates. Recommend one (1) situation where it would be best for a company to leverage a female expatriate. Justify your response.

Part 2:Comment on the below discussion post with a min of 150 words. Given your opinion by agreeing or disagree and provide your reasoning.

An HR Assessment provides ways to manage risks to companies that are struggling with getting their brand on stable ground. An assessment helps make any gaps in plans transparent and pinpoint the weaknesses in the company’s policies and the “how to” for achieving business objectives. An HR Assessment can also evaluate the effectiveness of current processes as well as where you have adverse compliance scenario within the company. HR plans to hire an outside consulting firm to achieve objective results and consider an HR Audit (McClanahan).

As the organization grows, HR Assessment will fit the organization at its current age and stage and growth. HR’s guidance on how to improve the organization’s productivity and achievement of business goals is its priority. The assessment guides the company with positive changes. Specific Assessments creates innovation to fit your organization (McClanahan).

Part 3:Comment on the below discussion post with a min of 150 words. Given your opinion by agreeing or disagree and provide your reasoning.

In order to speed up the recruitment for the organization, the human resource department would first work on basic things. The HR plan will observe some of the things. It is observed that the growing competition in the market has seriously affected the recruitments of this organization. HR plan will clearly observe the situation of competition in the market and the benefits those competitors have been provided to their employees. Secondly, there is a need to raise the pay scale for employees as compared to other organizations. The top talent would be appreciated in many ways such as bonuses and rewards. Thirdly, the possible opportunities would be provided to employees in order to make sure their retention in the organization. In my view, this plan would smooth the hiring process. On the other hand, the culture of the organization will be improved in this way.

The benefits include globalization of female workers. Women likely support the philosophy of organizations more than men. There is then more visibility. There are also high scores of self-transcendence than males. The key success factors are of personalities such as balance, universalism, and high self-esteem. In the result of considering all such advantages, the situation where leveraging of female expatriates can best support the organization is when the organization needed them the most. In occasional problems related to organization, women expatriate could best support the philosophy of the organization. I believe that women have a great tendency to support themselves or prove themselves when no one else can do. They want to become more understanding, loyal and open-minded when there are unusual happenings all around. The organization could get maximum benefits through leveraging of female expatriates in such situations. The proper mechanism can help best in leveraging of female expatriates for giving best direction to the organization.


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