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September 16, 2022
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September 16, 2022

Discuss Leibniz’s Mental Mill.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Leibniz’s Mental Mill. Famous philosophers such as Leibniz, Moore and Hume among other notable researchers to formulate theories of analyzing the functioning of the human brain. For example, Leibniz came with the Mental Mill analogy that says that all actions are controlled by the mind. On the other hand, Moore refuted the claims by stating that the use of common sense was both inherent and logical in helping humanity to make decisions.

According to Gottfried Leibniz’s Mental Mill, physical processes do not give an assessment of the thinking process of human beings. Instead, there is an existence of mystery of the workings of the brain that led him to equate it to a person entering a machine. Therefore, in terms of personal identity and freedom versus determinism, there are interesting issues to note. For example, all human beings have the right to control their thought processes through the way parts of machines operate. Similarly, it is an innate ability of the mind to function as a mental mill in terms of pushing and moving one another to operation (Umphrey 59). The mental mill analogy by Leibniz also helps individuals in dissociating the materialistic thinking.

In other words, there is no physicality of thinking with personal identity hence making the understanding of the human mind complex. This influences the individual perception of situations in the development of personal identity. However, it is essential to note that the perception theory also manipulates the freedom and determinism of a person. For example, in the Mental Mill scenario, it is upon a person to extract freedom of perception for an element of determinism (Umphrey 35). This is through the realization that determinism occurs because of some past event. In the same prospect, the Mental Mill theory asserts that the freedom of personal identity arises from a pre-determined reality of existence. It also affirms the belief of personal conscience that the mind works according to a pre-existent process in the same way as a&nbsp.machine.


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