What elements of the organization’s culture seem most prominent or significant to you? What beliefs, dispositions, and/or actions seem to be most valued? Why do you think so? What do you notice about the expectations, assumptions, and more demonstrated among people within the organization?
August 22, 2018
Explain how these practices and agents influence gender role development in the respective cultures.
August 22, 2018

Devise a strategy for monitoring and maintaining ethical practices related to evolving trends in sport and performance psychology.


Identify the ways delivery of sport psychology services may be evolving given the availability of modern technology and alternative types of communication. For example, consider how clients and consultants would potentially use text messaging, e-mail, videoconferencing, different social media platforms, and evolving technology (such as apps or biofeedback technology) within the application of sport psychology or marketing of business.


Develop a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation, consisting of 6–10 slides, for fellow sport psychology professionals that addresses ethics of modern aspects of the delivery of sport psychology services. Create an overview of a specific topic area and provide suggestions for best practices to ethically work with a diverse population of athletes, coaches, and organizations.

Select one specific mode of modern communication and identify the ethical considerations and codes related to using such methods within the scope of applied sport and performance psychology.

Develop a list of best practices one might employ in order to prevent ethical pitfalls or violations while also engaging in modern methods of service delivery.

Devise a strategy for monitoring and maintaining ethical practices related to evolving trends in sport and performance psychology.

Provide at least three references to support your analysis.

How to Create Your PowerPoint Presentation

Make sure the slides contain only a summary of your main points. Use bullet points, images, or a combination of both to convey information in the brief, succinct manner appropriate for a professional-level presentation. Do not go into detail in the slides. Instead, use the Notes section of each slide to convey additional information too detailed for the slides themselves. For each Notes section, explain the slide in paragraph form, as if you were preparing a longer work and include citations, references, formal sentences, et cetera. Make sure your narrative reflects APA expectations regarding scholarly communication.

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