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Developing a Research Proposal – Step 3: Reviewing the Literature

Developing a Research Proposal – Step 3: Reviewing the Literature
Search the literature on your research topic / question.   All citations (in-text or otherwise) for all assignments should be in ASA format (Citation guide on BB).

  1. Write your research question:


  1. Find 2 – 3 recent (since 1990) articles that are relevant to your research topic/ question. List the citation and abstract below in alphabetical order with proper indentation.
Allen, Susan M. and Pamela S. Webster. 2001. “When Wives Get Sick: Gender Role Attitudes, Marital Happiness, and Husbands’ Contribution to Household Labor.” Gender and Society 15(6): 898-916.
Abstract:  This article examines factors related to husbands’ contribution to housework when their wives become newly impaired. Data are from a sample of 319 married couples who participated in the National Survey of Families and Households, and in which wives developed physical limitations between baseline and five-year follow-up interviews. Using ordinary least squares regression, we found that husbands who have egalitarian attitudes toward marital roles and are happy in their marriage at baseline do more housework at follow-up than husbands who are traditional and/or are less happy. Given the slow rate of change in household division of labor, the lack of public policies to support people with impairment and family caregiving disproportionately burdens women.
Boyle, Geraldine. 2013. “‘Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook’: Men’s Involvement in Cooking when Their Wives Develop Dementia.” Journal of Gender Studies 23(4): 336-350.
Abstract:  …This paper explores whether men are willing to good when their wives develop dementia….It was found that men were often unable or unwilling to cook when their wives develop dementia or, alternatively, they take over cooking altogether, thereby excluding their wives from a task they enjoy….


  1. Review the literature reviews or reference section of one (1) of your articles listed above and identify at least one additional relevant source. Write the citation and abstract below.


  1. Choose the source that most closely related to your research topic and write a summary of the research in paragraph form. Consider the following information (if applicable):

What was the research question? What were the motives for their study? What research methods and sample were used? What were the main findings? Did the author(s) note areas of further research? Include in-text citations when referencing ideas/findings presented by the authors.



  1. Do these sources help refine or suggest any changes to your original research question? If so, what? If not, why not?


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