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February 17, 2018
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February 24, 2018

Describing places

Oman has a lot of wonderful landscapes and places. AL.HOQAIN is one of the most beautiful places in Oman. It has different types of landscapes and buildings. So, why AL.HOQAIN is a beautiful place?
AL.HOQAIN is a magnificent place because of various reasons. First of all, it is located in south ALBATINAH in ALRUSTAQ. It is 160 Km far from the capital city Muscat. It is near ALSUWAQ, ALRUSTQ and wadi ALHIMLI. In addition, ALRUSTAQ in the east, wadi ALHIMLI in the west and ALSUWAQ in the north. The weather there is hot in summer and cool and cold in winter. Also, it is a rainy place but in summer it doesn`t rain as much as in winter. However, you can find the wadi, waterfall, springs, AFLAJ, caves and forts. ALHOQAIN has a wonderful nature. ALHOQAIN waterfall is one of the greatest places there. There is a beautiful sight of green plantation. Moreover, wadi ALHOQAIN has a lot of water. It flow through the big rocks and plants. The wadi water sparkles like a diamond. In addition, there are a lot of springs such as, ALKOHR, FANJA and ALKABA ALZRQA. On the other side, there are various types of AFLAJ in ALHOQAIN. Various water sources is a prominent role in the emergence of agriculture activity. So, there are a lot of big farms which include different types of trees ,plants and crops for example: corn, grape ,banana and palm. As the place is surrounded by huge mountains it is also surrounded by big trees and plants. People use AFLAJ water to irrigate their farms. In addition, there are some small caves. ALHOQAIN fort was built in 1722. It is a site of controlling in times of peace and in times of war they use it to attack the enemies. People who live there are polite ,kind and hospitality. According to the nature and the different marvelous places in ALHOQAIN which attract the tourist from different places. A lot of tourist visit the place to enjoy their time with their families and friends. Tourist can do a lot of interesting and exciting activities such as, climbing ,swimming, taking photos and having a picnic.
All in all, ALHOQAIN is a magnificent and marvelous place. Its nature attract you. Also, the infrastructure is good in that place. In my opinion, it is rely an amazing place. I hope I visit it again as soon as possible.

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