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February 17, 2018
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describe how Social Meida is used in public relations today

To assess your ability to:
?define Social Meida

?describe how Social Meida is used in public relations today

A major part of PR today is the effective use of social media, a push-pull media that requires active engagement, and not mere passive participation. In this assignment, you will discuss social media and how it has affected the work of PR professionals.
Action Items

1.Research the concept of social media. Use your course textbook, the internet, and library resources in your research.

2.In a Word document, answer the following questions. Write at least two paragraphs for each question.

a.What is social media? Why is it called social media?

b.How is social media used in PR today?

c.Describe the advantages and disadvantages of social media in PR today.

d.Describe how to minimize the dangers of being involved in a social media space.

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