discuss how best to forecast the required investment and operating capital that will be required
April 8, 2021
Unit 3 Discussions His101 And Hrm411
April 8, 2021

Change Strategies for Improving Health Care

1. Change Strategies for Improving Health Care: Describe the three change strategies that you might use to address Hospital Acquired Infections: 1) Preventing, 2) Recognizing, and 3) Mitigating harm from errors.

2. Clinical Reasoning, Decision Making, and Action: Discuss how these three factors affect your identified patient safety issue at both the sharp end (clinician) and the blunt end (systems) to prevent adverse events. Discuss how multiple thinking strategies are needed for high-quality clinical practice.

Note: Use at least one peer-reviewed journal articles, no older than five years, cited using APA 6th edition. Thank you!


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