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Case study report questions

Case study report questions

  1. Which theory is the best representative of Zara’s (Inditex’s) internationalization?
  2. Please evaluate the competitive strategy of the three world leaders. Which of the three will be the future winner with regard to global retailing in the fashion world?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Zara’s world?
  4. How successful do you think Zara has in meeting the ‘risk of cannibalization’ as a consequence of the multi-brand strategy?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going into a joint venture with Tata in India?

This   is   a   case   study   where   you   will   analyse   important
issues   in international marketing strategy.
3000 words
This   report   should   be   written   for   an   academic   audience,   i.e.,   with appropriate academic references and including relevant theories.
analyse   international   markets   and   assess   the   risk   elements,
including political, economic and socio-cultural factors.
evaluate   and   assess   the   international   marketing   strategy   and
international marketing decisions and activities.
Determine the entry strategy for foreign markets
The report must  be  word-processed  in  font  size  12  and  double
line spaced
Table of ContentsThis should show
The full list of sections within the report
The page number on which each section begins
List of Illustrations
Table  of  figures:  this  is  the  list  of  all  the  figures  presented  in  the body of the report.
Table  of  tables:  this  is  the  list  of  all  the  tables  presented  in  the
body of your report.
(This should show):
A  brief summary of what you are going to discuss and how.
You   should   conduct   a   thorough   and   critical   analysis   of   your
relevant areas of discussion and support your discussion and what
you  write  with  evidence.  This  means  that  you  must  support  each
assertion,   arguments   or   point   you   make   with   references   to
relevant  theories,  models   and   concepts   in  the   literature   that
support  your  point.  Also,  where  possible,  you  can  support  your
points by facts and figures, and real life examples.
Remember that you must cite all your sources in the text properly
(see  example  below).  This  is  important  to  acknowledge  other
writer’s work, to demonstrate the body of knowledge upon which
your research is based and to enable all those who read your work
to   identify   and   locate   your   sources   easily.   If   you   do   not
acknowledge  the source  of  your  material  it  will  be  considered  an
appropriation  (theft)  of  another’s  intellectual  property  (see
guidelines on Plagiarism).
Examples of referencing in context:
Jobber (2001) defines the marketing concept as: “……..”.
There  is  evidence  that  (
Smith,  1990)  that  the  statistical  analysis  is
It is estimated that around 73 million people are employed directly
by multinational companies worldwide (UN, 1996).
This  includes  relevant  information  but  may  not  be  central  to  the
main  body  of  the  report  or  may  interrupt  of  the  flow  of  the
argument.  This  material does  not  count towards the  word  length.
Any information in the appendices must be cross referenced in the
main body of the text

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