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Autobiographical Account of Personal Journey into Teaching

: Autobiographical Account of Personal Journey into Teaching

Instructions to follow before writing your autobiography:

  1. Make a note of the beliefs that you had about teaching [especially in the teaching of your subject area] prior to commencing this degree programme. Commence your autobiography with a statement of your beliefs before moving into the autobiography
  2. Consider what you learnt about personal perspectives from reading/discussing the chapter uploaded (chap. 4) by Posner
  3. Make a note of what you understand about the ‘apprenticeship of observation’ from the course readings including an article by M. Borg
  4. Review the chapter by Marland and the tutorial activities done on his explanation of practical theories
  5. Consider the professional education courses you have done so far and your observation of teaching/any experience of teaching or what you have read about teacher education in the course readings or other literature on the subject

After doing the tasks above you should be ready to write your account following the instruction given below:

  • Write a succinct but informative account of your journey into teacher education explaining the extent to which your ‘apprenticeship of observation’ and the experiences of schooling shaped or informed your perspectives on teaching. Show how the different sources of knowledge about teaching have influenced your composite self as a prospective/practicing teacher indicating which source you find to be the most influential and why.

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