April 8, 2021
Health and Physical Education Assessment 2 Health and physical education folio – part B
April 8, 2021

assignment 2 174

First, what is “normal science” according to Kuhn as described in the Chapter’s essay by Dr Aiello? Likewise, what is a “paradigm?” What is the notion of “insularity” have to do with normal science-and what is it’s role in the process of a scientific revolution? When you consider the notion of “insularity” and the science of AI-what concerns or issues might arise?

Finally-check out one of the Twitter feeds at the end of the Chapter 19 (Sherry Turkle on Technology and Identity/the Verge on history, technology, art and culture/TED Talks….and report back on something that you found that was pretty cool or interesting….

Remember to include your citation formats in APA style-see Library Guide for iBooks citations.

Here’s the format for citing a Twitter feed and accompanying url.

Username. (Year, Month Date). Tweet text [Tweet]. Retrieved from URL


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