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December 22, 2021
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December 22, 2021

answer questions below 97

Open Systems theory and Social Equity themes were first developed in the Civil Rights era. Fully define these concepts, then analyze and explain how the concepts continue to frame the administration of criminal justice organizations today. Be sure to use a number of specific examples demonstrating application of the concepts in the context of forward-thinking administration of organizations in criminal justice.

(500 word minimum. cite source and refernces. no plagiarism.)

2. Metaphors such as “marble cake,” “layer cake,” and “picket fence” have been used to describe the government in chapter 3. Explain what these descriptions mean.

(500 word minimum. cite source and refernces. no plagiarism.)

3. Warren Bennis made a number of predictions about what would happen to bureaucratic organizations. Take each of the Bennis predictions and determine if the prediction came to fruition. Provide an example to illustrate what now exists in bureaucratic organizations and how the conditions are consistent or inconsistent with Bennis’s predictions.

(500 word minimum. cite source and refernces. no plagiarism.)



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